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SPF 101
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A Healthy Self Concept

You Don't Need to Know How to Swim!
You Don't Need to Wear a Swimsuit!
You Just Need to Care About Yourself!

Lifeguard has developed a shorter version of the four-week workshop for those individuals whom are interested in participating but have scheduling and time conflicts. 
SPF 101  (Sex Protection Factor)  is a FREE two hour workshop for gay & bisexual men.  This workshop focuses on the same topics as the Lifeguard workshop series but in a shorter time frame.
Come Join Us for a Fun & Interactive Social Gathering

  • FREE 2 hour workshop for gay and bisexual men. 
  • HIV/AIDS Basics & Safer Sex Discussions
  • Develop Communication Skills
  • Enhance Negotiation Skills
  • Develop Healthy Sexual Intimacy Skills

All information on Lifeguard's website is not designed to replace your relationship with your doctor, and is intended soley for educational or research purposes.  Any and all personal information you may provide us with is never released to anyone at any time.  Your privacy and trust is extremely important to us.