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POOL Journal

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POOL Journal

All POOL members can utilize this page to submit your weekly journal conversations.  Please include your name, the number of conversations held, and a brief scenario of each conversation.  Hit the SUBMIT button to send your information to Chad and Jay.
Thank you for your support and dedication.

Each entry should include a brief scenario of your conversation with friends and acquaintances.  Be sure to note any questions individuals asked you about HIV/AIDS, STDs, testing, crystal meth, etc.  Also, include the information you were able to provide the person as well.

Date of Conversation:
Journal Entry:

All information on Lifeguard's website is not designed to replace your relationship with your doctor, and is intended soley for educational or research purposes.  Any and all personal information you may provide us with is never released to anyone at any time.  Your privacy and trust is extremely important to us.